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Thank you so much for the game!

One of the best games I've ever played. Seriously.
It would be nice to see more challenging levels in company mode and some kind of inertia in the next version, if it's possible.

Good luck with this wonderful game :3

P.S. and add the ability to select the resolution of the game window, please

Hi Dremmar. Thanks for playing Drucker and for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I currently don't know what I'm going to do with it next, but we'll see :)

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You should get the ships running on the gpu to let generations pass faster. Would help with the hitching I experience when ~100 ships are running.

Pretty decent presentation, lots of fun to watch. :)

While there isn't a lot of gameplay to talk about, this was one of the most interesting experiences I have had in a long time. The concept took a little bit of time to wrap my head around and the interfaces are a little underwhelming, but there is something so inherently satisfying about watching your AI grow into something moderately competent. I don't know much about neural networks, genetic algorithms or machine learning (I'm a microbiologist by trade) but I really felt like I learned something today! Thank you for this gem.


Hi CoalFire. Thanks for playing Drucker and thank you for your nice comment. I'm glad you had a good time with my game.  I'm still working on it so hopefully the next version will be better (and with a tutorial, because nobody wants to read 10 pages of text before playing a game ^^). Cheers!